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Clothing - Jamii | A discount card for Black British bu...

https://lovejamii.com/shop/clothing Uncover super-cool fashion houses from Black British designers. Browse clothing and get discounts when you shop with your Jamii card.

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Divi9 Designs / Divi9 Essentials LLC - Black Bronze Bus...

https://blackbusinessdirectoryuk.com/shoppings/divi9-designs-divi9-essentials-llc/ Divi9 Designs isn’t just a clothing line, but a brand that provides socially conscious Afrocentric Urban Apparel that inspires, uplifts and empowers today’s Kings & Queens through Art & Fashion .

Greetings Cards - Jamii | A discount card for Black Bri...

https://lovejamii.com/shop/greetings-cards Browse beautiful greetings cards made by Black British designers and illustrators. Make a saving when you use your Jamii card.

Homeware - Jamii | A discount card for Black British bu...

https://lovejamii.com/shop/homeware Shop essential homeware pieces, from candles to oven gloves, all from Black British businesses. Get discounts when you use your Jamii card.

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Parents & Kids - Jamii


Workshops & Experiences - Reboot

https://www.reboot.io/service/workshops-experiences/ Reboot Events, Reboot Classroom experiences and Reboot workshops are a great way to experience Reboot out in the wild. Check out the schedule for one of our engaging and inspiring workshops or events from 1-day Bootcamps to custom...

Skincare - Jamii | A discount card for Black British bu...

https://lovejamii.com/shop/skincare Browse dozens of independent skincare brands from the Black British community. Shop and save when you use your Jamii card.

Bluedot Festival 2019 Tickets, Accommodation and Extras...

https://www.festicket.com/festivals/bluedot-festival/2019/shop/?feature_checkout=b&referrer=from-the-fields&shared_from=partner_linkgen Tickets, accommodation and extras – everything you need for a perfect trip to Bluedot Festival 2019 in Macclesfield, United Kingdom, 18-21 July 2019.

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Swimwear - Jamii | A discount card for Black British bu...

https://lovejamii.com/shop/swimwear Shop stunning and unique swimwear at any time of the year. Save when you buy with your Jamii card, the first discount card for Black British businesses.

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Hover Fix for iOS Touch Devices — Relativist Space ©

https://relativist.space/shop/hover-fix-for-ios-touch-devices Our bespoke coded solution fixes the “sticky hover” in iOS devices where the hover style is not turned off until another element is clicked.